Your next corporate trip is on the cards. You have your meetings & conferences programmed and your arrangements booked. You know where you’re taking a roof and might have even chosen a restaurant or cafeteria to try during your idle time. What next? Booking cheap car rentals in Mumbai. Ensure you select best cheap car rentals service, right vehicle for comfortable journey in and around Mumbai!
Read quick tips for a happy & comfortable business journey.

Amount Of Passengers
How many individuals are you planning your travel with? Would you require picking & dropping any clients or prospective clients around at your destination? For eg: if you are planning to make a Mumbai to Surat business trip, keep in mind to select spacious cabs since the central seats and rear bench seating can be quite uncomfortable for adults. Hence in that case, ensure to choose Mumbai Surat Cabs that has ample of room if you are supposed to have several passengers.

Quantity Of Your Luggage
Take for instance goa; if you are planning to make a business leisure trip with your corporate family then you can simply hire Mumbai to Goa Cab. Along with the total number of passengers you’ll be bringing, you’ll also want to bear in mind the quantity of luggage everyone is bringing on the trip. At most times, the car rental companies will give the details of the capacity of vehicle to hold number of bags, but remember that these are just estimations and don’t account for any unusually shaped luggage. So prior to booking Mumbai to Goa Cab, check for the luggage to be carried for better convenience.

Being Practical
It is important to think about what you require, not essentially what you want. A luxury or a convertible vehicle may sound amazing, but odds are, you aren’t going to take delight in it quite much on a corporate trip. Save an expensive rental option probably for your upcoming vacation.

Finding The Best Deal
You can co-ordinate with tours & travel company to get the best rental car deal- be it for Mumbai Darshan Cabs or Cabs from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar. You can have access to rates that are affordable for group outings and picnics. They can also book you with your company’s ideal vendor, making sure that you get the maximum discounts and perks. As a bonus, they’ll be able to endorse cabs based on your to & fro destination such as Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar, inter-city touring such as Mumbai Darshan as well as your itinerary plans and passenger count.

Car Rental Tips For Corporate Travellers
Are you going on a business trip for the first time? Did your senior request you to rent a car for him? With so many rental cars to pick from, finding the finest car for you or your senior is not that simple. At Jayhsri Tours & Travel, you can avail a stress-free booking experience and hopefully their tips below would assist you with the process.
Here are top 10 things that every business traveler, or personal assistants (PA) that book a cab for their boss, should consider when hiring a car.
1. Compare a car group by on-board GPS vs mobile GPS.

2. Standard group is an upright size and it was only introduced in the last few years. It is in between intermediary and full-size and ensembles tall people.

3. Ensure to refuel at a local gas station. The cost per gallon can be 2-3 times pretty expensive if they charge you full tank upon return of the car.

4. If the company reserved the cab for you, check with them to understand if insurance is encompassed in your contract. If it doesn’t, then request them if your personal or company credit card can cover the insurance.

5. Read your company’s travel policy to see what they will cover. This will help you be aware of the additional costs.

6. Ensure to keep the number of your company’s contact person in case something goes wrong or if you have queries concerning to the car rental contract.

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